Burlingame High School

October 20, 2005


Dear Magic Jeanne:

One of the best measures of a speaker's success in my class is whether we
refer to them and if so, how often. By these, or any other measures, you
were an important guest in our class. The kids clearly felt you were the
best speaker we have had this year.

You spoke to us with such honesty; it invited a similar, authentic response.
I was impressed by the way you included all students, particularly those
such as Luis Reyes whom you got to open up in powerful ways. You created a
space within which all of us, myself included, could speak honestly about
our past and present, our fears and hopes, our successes and defeats. I
think the magic wins them over by not only entertaining them but telling
them that you are taking risks yourself and so it is okay for them to do so,

When you left, we all felt as though we had a special encounter, a
visitation with someone who challenged us all to find within ourselves some
passion and make room in our lives for that passion so that we might say
when our time comes that ours was a well-lived life that had touched others.

You certainly touched us. For this, I thank you.

Jim Burke
ACCESS Teacher
Burlingame High School