Burlingame High School


October 20, 2005


Magic Jeanne,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating your time and
energy to speak to our Speech and ACCESS classes, here, at Burlingame High

Your presentation was an inspiration to all. The students were especially
impressed with your honesty and forthrightness not to mention your magic show at
the beginning of the class. This allowed the students to feel comfortable enough
to share their own issues, some of which were quite personal, with you as well as
their peers.

Your  "magic" was felt by all who had the opportunity to experience your

We here at Burlingame High School would like to extend our thanks to you for
taking the time to visit our students.

I look forward to booking you next semester so that other students will have the
unique opportunity to be touched by your  "magic".

Thank you once, again.


Beth Pascal,

EXPLORE Program Coordinator,

Burlingame High School