Magic Lessons


Magic Lessons for Summer Camps - After School Programs – Parties - Private


If you are involved in arranging any type of after school program we would like to offer you another alternative which is magic lessons. In all lessons you’re taught magic with props which are provided for whom ever is being taught. This is close up sleight of hand magic.

Teaching magic enables the child to become disciplined in practice, build confidence through performing in front of an audience, manipulation of the hands (through sleight of hand magic) and responsibility to main their props. Magic can be performed for the hearing impaired that is how powerful the art of illusion is and it is enjoyed by all ages. The age limit for the magic classes starts age 7 or age 6 with a birthday within weeks of the class start date. For schools and community recreation centers a special pricing is in place to share the profits.


Magic Jeanne Magic Jeanne

For more information please email us at: Magic Jeanne

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