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Perfect for motivating all ages in business, schools, recovery programs or any venue with a message of struggle and success. This points to many different aspects such as self-esteem, putting your life in your control, positive attitude and integrity.

Whether it's the true story of Magic Jeanne and her triumphs in career, life's challenges and successes or your subject matter, the message is told and illustrated with her natural passion, humor and Magic...

Magic Jeanne, AKA Magic


Magic JeanneThe story of Magic behind motivational speaking. What came first, the desire to perform the art of magic or the desire to help others and why they are a winning combination.









Magic, who has been sober since February 7, 1982 will tell you that although alcoholism is a terrible disease, her recovery helped to make her who she is today. When asked to elaborate on who that is, she will tell you that she is a confident professional that likes to laugh and can even be childlike with everyone and does not apologize for that. “Life is to short and we all have enough time to be serious and so why not have magic and laughter as often as possible. In my corporate life I make sure that I am always Magic and do and act the same with everyone. People know when I'm walking toward them it means 1 of 3 things. I’m taking care of business, performing a little sleight of hand, or being silly to get a laugh to help take the edge off and in some cases I might be doing all 3” states Magic.

When asked what benefits there are to belonging to a recovery or twelve step program? She explains “Working through a recovery program really makes you look at yourself from every angle. There really are twelve steps that you go through and some of them can be quite painful and enlightening. While your working through all of your garbage and taking your inventory, you are also learning how to live outside of the fog you created in facing your truths.”

Once Magic became involved in entertaining she knew that this created a new venue for her to use in helping people. When she performs a parlor show it’s curtailed to a person, theme or what ever the focus of the event is surrounding. It was through that practice when she decided to incorporate her magic with her years of speaking in recovery. It makes no difference if she is speaking at a sales meeting in the corporate world, recovery groups or if the subjects are becoming thetop sale person, self-esteem, drugs, alcohol or any other addictions. And audiences may include one or a combination of executives, professionals, adults, and children. The information that she shares is educational, powerful and real while making the delivery more intriguing and entertaining by including magic and comedy.

When asked, to give a statement incorporating her personal struggle in recovery and her accomplishments? Magic answered, “I have been at the bottom and now I am here. Sober, successful and happy. I am doing what I love, helping others and entertaining. Both give me a natural high that I can’t compare to anything else I’ve ever done. I could have never done any of this if it wasn’t for the twelve-step program that I live by each and every day. It’s taught me to live each day as though it could be my last. With sobriety brings honesty and dialog, which allows humor. Humor makes laughter. Laughter encourages emotions creating energy. That is real magic.”

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